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April 6, 2020
Oktoberfest 2020

What is Festanation?

Festanation is the ultimate world festival pop-up hostel. World-famous for being the best Oktoberfest campsite, Festanation is created by travellers, for travellers. From your private tent, luxurious teepees, camping facilities, tasty breakfasts, highly social party areas to free events, Festanation offers everything you need and more in a leading Oktoberfest hostel.

The Festanation team goes above and beyond to ensure you meet many like-minded fun lover, for the best and craziest days of your life. We can be found at many events around the world, such as the ADE Dance event in Amsterdam and King’s Day in Amsterdam.

Why Festanation is the best way to enjoy Oktoberfest

Ran by travellers, you will be welcomed into our Oktoberfest campsite with a roaring welcome from the volunteers, cold beers and a buzzing social environment. The reception is the heart and soul of our campground, holding plenty of space under the many marquees. Festanation is ready to give you the best festival experience of your life.

Our Oktoberfest hostel is famous for the upbeat, buzzing and wild volunteers, who are travellers like yourself. Every night, we come together in our communal areas, ensuring every traveller is ready for the ultimate beer drinking experience. Festanation has two large campgrounds holding enough beds for up to 700 guests. From karaoke nights to learning the Oktoberfest cheers, mixed with camping vibes and upbeat volunteers, it is a guarantee you will find an unforgettable social experience.

Oktoberfest weekdays

What comes with camping with Festanation?

After a decade operating at Oktoberfest, Festanation knows just what you need for the ultimate experience. First of all, we use air mattresses. All the volunteers agree with me that this is an excellent investment by Festanation. A cosy night’s rest, off the ground along with other quality bedding will ensure you sleep like a baby after a big day at the festival. Other sleeping materials include high-quality sleeping bags, sleeping liners and pillows. Every guest will receive a delicious breakfast each morning made fresh from our camp kitchen.


Our reception is available 24-hours a day for your convenience. We understand what it’s like to be a traveller, so have peace of mind that we will be ready to help you at any time. There are numerous accommodation options, from tents to private teepees with heaters and bed linen. Be sure to check out our options on our booking page. Other bonuses include:

  • Charging stations at reception
  • Lockers
  • Padlocks
  • Towels
  • Toiletries 
  • Rain ponchos

While there is no wifi within the Festanation campsite, it is available for purchase at the entrance of each campground (5 minutes walk).

What is at the Festanation campground?

One of the best Oktoberfest cheap accommodation: Festanation is located at a shared campground with other camping companies. We currently run two camps: Festanation Camp #1, which is located near Messestadt Ost station and Festanation Camp #2, located near Riem station. There are bathrooms within 50 meters of the entrance of both camps.

Each campground has ATM machines, restaurants, and clothing stores so you can buy your festival outfits. You will also find a basic supermarket located at Festanation Camp #1. A tasty breakfast is included free with your stay. If you are not eating all your meals at the festival, I would recommend bringing some food to the campsite for other parts of the day.

Do you want to be a part of Festanation Oktoberfest 2020? Book directly through our website booking engine. You can follow us on Instagram or Facebook clicking the buttons below!

Written by April Bright @aprilroseadventure

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