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Festanation – a lil’ history

At Festanation pop-up camps you’ll find the best, most fun & affordable accommodation during the Oktoberfest in Munich. It all started a long time ago. In a country very far west of Germany and very low: the Netherlands. Best friends Sascha and Jelle were bored of Amsterdam’s tiny beers and decided to head east to try out some stein’s at the infamous Oktoberfest in Munich. They immediately fell in love with the Bavarian liquid gold from Munich and decided to dedicate their lives to the mission to show the world the beautifulness of the Oktoberfest and host them while exploring Munich and the Wiesn. Later them Dutch boys decided to also host people at the amazing King’s day and

ravin’ ADE in Amsterdam. Now 5 years later Festanation is a big family of happy souls, staff and travellers, from throughout the whole wide world. Come join us in one of our wonderful and event camps in Munich, Amsterdam or somewhere else. We cannot wait hosting you and having a free welcome beer with you. Upon arrival your pre-erected tent, with sleeping materials (!), will be waiting for you. In the mornings you can enjoy a tasty breakfast with hot coffee or tea. We are 100% sure you will have an amazing time; do fun tours, visit the different events like Oktoberfest, ADE and King’s day and that you will connect to other travellers and make life lasting friendships!

What we do?

Festanation is world’s most fun traveling pop-up hostel

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